About Us

Our Core Values

Our organization is built on the pillars of innovation, excellence, best practices and global standards.

We believe in collaborating with the client to help achieve their business goals. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance as it plays a critical role in everything we do. We believe team member satisfaction is paramount and support them in their personal and professional development

We at NETMANTHAN provides an absolute range of cost-effective Cloud and development services like requirement analysis, designing, development, testing and implementation of all kinds of Softwares.

We also offer other services like web-app development, software solutions, and mobile application development, Digital Marketing, Cloud hosting services and many more. We focus on user-friendly and attractive designs with cutting edge technology. Our dedicated and experienced team is always ready to help you with all your business solutions. We always strive to provide best in class software services to our customers. Web cloud InfoTech believes in the long term relationship and continuous learning.

We are a growth-oriented organization and strive for working on cutting edge of technology. We always drive our work by our constant desire for learning, which keeps us always ahead when it comes to providing solutions.

Company History


We at Netmanthan are pioneers in Retain Consulting. We provide specialized services leaning towards the Retail sector, with POS, ERP, CRM and Auditing being our strength. With over four decades of experience in the Retail sphere, we possess deep domain expertise to understand and successfully execute the Software solutions that suit every unique busines requirement. We offer products and services, consulting and outsourcing to meet customer’s end to-end needs. Customer satisfaction has always been our key driver as we believe in seamless business transactions and internal workflow and communication that drive’s the overall organizational growth. Our solutions are easy to use with a minimal learning curve, which means anybody can operate them with no defined skill sets, which helps them significantly in their business operations.