Business Management Consulting Services

The customer’s expectations keep on changing and evolving technology enables you to fulfill these expectations effectively. Business consulting services assist you to address all the challenges related to internal processes, customer experiences, and your business model.

Our experienced business consultants assist you to implement customized ERP solutions and optimize core processes. We enable your enterprise to bring automation and make key processes more efficient and profitable.

We offer digital transformation consulting to modern enterprises and facilitate your company to adapt to market trends while remaining competitive. We also provide end-to-end assistance to prevent any disruption in your business operations by leveraging remote work for your company.

Shoper9 Point of Sale & ERPNext one stop solution for all your needs !.

ERPNEXT is now simple and affordable

ERP is now simple and affordable”. Gone is the ERA of costly and complicated ERP.

With our Cloud hosting options there’s no need for any IT Infrastructure or resources. Login and start

  1. The world’s leading open source ERP . No license fees to be paid
  2. Built-in simplicity can help you get started within days and not months
  3. Handle’s Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Services businesses
  4. Enhance productivity with the Client portal to enable customer place orders and self service
  5. Fully functional Financial Accounting Module that can be used independently or integrated with Tally.ERP 9
  6. Easy & hassle free ERPNext Implementation
  7. 14+ years of experience in business software is on your side.

Why is ERPNext a great choice for small & medium sized companies?

Easy to use - great to start your journey to move beyond accounting software and unite all your departments and team on one software for all areas (Including Inventory, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, Finance, CRM, HR etc)

  1. Affordable - No cost of licenses since it’s an open source software (like Android, Linux MySQL, Firefox etc)
  2. Rapid ERPNext implementation – you can start with the basics and enhance usage as you go. No need to pay for additional modules later. All modules are included
  3. Workflow & Notifications enable you to work from anywhere and yet stay in control of operations
  4. Fully functional Financial Accounting Module that can be used independently or integrated with Tally.ERP 9
  5. Host on Cloud or On-Premise as needed. Move from one to the other when you want
  6. Customisable as you grow since the source code is open and available
  7. Start with only 5 users if you so desire
  8. Robust, tried and tested – used by leading organisations like Reliance & Zerodha