Shoper 9

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The retail solutions suite including Shoper 9 POS, Shoper 9 Distributor, and Shoper 9 HO is the best of the breed to manage point of sale operations, in a single store or a chain of stores with hundreds of outlets. Shoper 9 is designed to handle lakhs of SKUs (items) and thousands of transactions per day.

POS Point Of Sale

The core functionalities of Shoper 9 are

 Stock ordering and receiving processes

 Cash and credit sales of goods as well as services

 Till management

 Wide range of sales promotions

 Transfer of goods across outlets

 Sales returns with or without bill reference

 Tracking of goods in transit

 Physical stock take without closing the store

The various other features of Shoper 9 include the following:

Flexibility to define business catalogs

 For items with the purchase price, cost price, dealer price, retail price, and market operating price – with the option to define multiple prices for each item for different locations

 Tax details, currency/legal tenders, customers, suppliers, salesmen, promotions, general discounts, supply chain network, stores, configurations and data communication schedules

Flexibility to interface with third-party applications

 Shoper 9 supports a high level of flexibility and configurability to interface with Tally.ERP 9. It can also be configured to interface with other third-party applications.

Extensive reporting capabilities

 Shoper 9 supports standard reports required for monitoring businesses. Additionally, it provides options to customise reports based on your requirement. You can define the scope of report generation and export them to various formats (spreadsheet, HTML, CSV, RTF) for further analysis, if required. Since Shoper 9 has the facility to interface with Tally.ERP 9, you can take advantage of Tally’s reporting features by transferring data periodically.

 The Flexible Reports option enables display of reports in Shoper 9 HO via web browsers, ensuring anywhere anytime access to business reports. The user friendly report designer option allows for creation of reports by simply dragging and dropping the data elements on the user interface.

Printing formats can be configured for different types of business transaction records.

Comprehensive data synchronisation can be done between the stores and head office, with reports to verify the status.

Role-based user management individually or in groups in Shoper 9 ensures security of data and information, with options to restrict menu access.

Shoper 9 supports GS1 standards – the most widely-used supply chain standards system for item identification in the world.

Alert management capability ensures prompt broadcasting of information to all stores.

The product is suitable if you operate in retail verticals like textiles, apparels, accessories, electronic goods, and so on. If properly configured, Shoper 9 can ensure that your various workflows are managed effectively, reducing errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

Stock and Sales Visibility across Multiple Businesses

This feature provides the facility to connect with each principal to receive masters and send the corresponding transaction data. As long as stock numbers are unique across principals, each business can run independently. Businesses can maintain the item attributes as per their logic and not as governed by the principals, using a one-time attribute mapping to establish correlation. In essence, Stock and Sales Visibility across Multiple Businesses lets the principals get the business data they want and the POS locations to operate with their preferred item attributes.